Stephanie Uhart and AVAVAV-1 copy.jpg

Lilac fluff for Harpers Bazaar Vietnam

Image by Virginia Kluiters

Styling by Melissa Lynn 

M03202103258393 8.jpg

Bicolor fluff for Fraulein Magazine

Image by Michael Sheller

Styling Ignacio de Tiedra


Bicolor fluff for Luncheon Magazine

Image by Steph Wilson

Styling Ally Macrae & Michaela Stark


Lime fluff for Infringe Magazine digital

Image by Zuzu Valla 

Styling Alice Secchi 


Bimini in wearable tattoo

Image by Thanos Poulimenos

Styling by Ignacio de Tiedra


Lil Miquela in purple fluff for A Book of 

Image by Irvin Rivera

Styling by Harper Slate

IMG_5839 2.jpg

Griff wearing Lime fluff for Puss Puss Magazine

Image by Annie Lai

Styling by Grace Joel 

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 16.57.14.png

Purple fluff for King Kong Fetish Issue

Image by Sofia Alazraki

Fursona by Lolita Guzman

Styling by Stephanie Yepes


Bimini in Green fluff for Tush Magazine

Image by Thanos Poulimenos

Styling by Ignacio de Tiedra

Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 17.11.18.png

Yellow/Peach fluff for Heroine SS21

Image by Benjamin Hampson

Styling Peghah Maleknejad


Yellow/Peach fluff on Bimini for Dazed

Image by Joseph Clarkson

Styling by George Oxby 

Green dress.png

Lime Green Fluff for The Face "Future of Fashion" feature 

Image by Connor Cunningham 

Styling Elizabeth Fraser-Bell 


Awhora in Red Fluff for Rupauls Drag Race UK premiere press

Full body mask for Kaltblut 

Image by Elena Cichetti


White latex lace up shorts for Glamcult

Image by Yis Kid

Styling by Saik Gonzalez

portugal higher.jpg

Fluff knitted shoes for Vogue Portugal November 2020, shot by Federico Martins and styled by Francesca Parise


Pink latex cushioned piece for Paper Magazine

Image by Luke Nugent

Styling/CGI by David Oldenburg


Magda in Lime fluff

Magda x Up Next Designer 

Purple fluff and fluff shoes for Pap Mag

Image by Alma Rosaz

Styling by Sammy Cullis 

_MG_7897 figura.jpg

Full body mask for Sicky Magazine

Image by Diego Cruz

Styling Felipe Mendez


White/Purple fluff for Hunger digital

Image by Ludovico Andrea D'Auria

Styling Martina Ghia


Red/Salmon fluff for Vogue Portugal

Normalidade. Who's that?

Image by Nicolás Cuenca

Styling by Diego Rodríguez

New Wonderland.PNG

White/Purple fluff for Wonderland

Image by Simon Thiselton

Styling Toni-Blaze Ibekwe

FINAL 13 copy 5 copy.jpg

Green latex cushioned corset for Paper Magazine

Image by Luke Nugent

Styling/CGI by David Oldenburg


Bimini in red fluff for Notion

Image by Aidan Zamiri

Styling by Ignacio de Tiedra


Pink latex lace up piece for Pap Mag

Image by Alma Rosaz

Styling by Sammy Cullis 

Jimmy Bloom7.jpg

Wearable tattoo for Risk Magazine

Image by Pavel Denisenko

Styling by Colin Anderson 


Red/Salmon fluff for King Kong Fetish Issue

Image by Celia Croft

Styling Jack Appleyard


Purple fluff for Kaltblut 

Image by Lorenzo Berni

Styling Quinton Faulkner 

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 15.51.10.png

Latex lace-up shorts for Coeval

Image by Jacob A Sztor

Styling Anna Zamora

Mika Kailes x YEAR ZERO3.jpg

Yellow/Peach Fluff for Kaltblut "Vulnicura"

Image by Evan Peck 

Styling Clyde Anderson Sparks


Silver Cape for Numero Berlin

Image by Michiyo Yanagihara 

Styling by Saik Gonzalez


Purple Fluff for LOfficiel Baltics

Image by Alice Webb

Styling Rose Sparks 

Purple fluff knit dress for CAP74024

Image by Damien Krisl

Styling Francesca Parise

Pink latex piece for Year Zero 

"A dialogue between reality and abstraction"

Image and Styling by Mika Kailes 

Pieces for the E-merge issue of Limbo & Hatch

Images by Celine Luetoff

Models Isabella Hoelk & Fabijus 


"Comfortable discomfort" for

Harpers Bazaar Taiwan

Image by Zhong Lin

Styling by Quenti Lu 


Purple fluff dress for Glamcult

Image by Yis Kid

Styling Saik Gonzalez

Re edition.png

Draped knitted fluff for "Space Face" Reedition Issue 14 part 2, shot by Lea Colombo and styled by Katie Burnett


Arca wearing "Comfortable Discomfort" for I-D 40 year anniversary edition, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot and styled by Ai Kamoshita 

higher emily.png

Salmon knitted fluff for Photovogue Italia, shot by Kiyana Tehrani and styled by Emily Rae Rosenstein


Adut Akech wearing "Obsessive Comfort" for AnOther Magazine Cover Story featuring emerging designers, shot by Craig McDean and styled by Katie Shillingford

Stephanie Uhart Arne Grugel Esteban Poma

Altered Perceptions for Fucking Young, shot by Arne Gruegel and styled by Esteban Pomar

Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 23.56.12.png

Juanita La O, shot by Alexandra Uhart

1 (1 of 1)-113.jpg

Venas Abiertas Art Directed and Styled by Paulina Olivares, shot by Melanie Lehmann