Arca wearing "Comfortable Discomfort" for I-D 40 year anniversary edition, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot and styled by Ai Kamoshita 


Self Esteem for Femzine , shot by Briony Mitchell and styled by Mia Maxwell


Adut Akech wearing "Obsessive Comfort" for AnOther Magazine Cover Story featuring emerging designers, shot by Craig McDean and styled by Katie Shillingford

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Venas Abiertas Art Directed and Styled by Paulina Olivares, shot by Melanie Lehmann

Stephanie Uhart Arne Grugel Esteban Poma

Altered Perceptions for Fucking Young, shot by Arne Gruegel and styled by Esteban Pomar

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Juanita La O, shot by Alexandra Uhart